JUMA ASW5 Antenna Switch

JUMA ASW5 is an automatic BCD controlled antenna switch for ten HF bands and five antennas. It is designed to stand legal power level. ASW5 antenna switch is a good companion with the transceivers which provides BCD band data like Yaesu and Elecraft transceivers. ASW5 is especially a perfect companion with JUMA PA1000 linear amplifier because JUMA PA1000 converts any serial band data to BCD band data in case BCD is not available from your transceiver. In this case you need only a standard RS232 cable from JUMA PA1000 COM2 connector to ASW5 BCD input connector.

ASW5 is using static hardware band decoding which is not emitting any RF interference. And
it needs only 50mA 12VDC supply which can be fed via the DC connector or via the DB9 connector. See the wiring details in the schematics.

Each band can be hardware configured by means of the ten DIP switches, one of the five antennas can be selected for each ten bands. Additionally you can use JUMA ASW5 as a manual antenna switch by simply turning the rotary switch to a desired antenna.

The coaxial cable center wires are grounded for the antennas which are not in use and all the antennas are grounded when a valid band data is not available e.g. transceiver is switched OFF. This feature will protect your rigs for surges coming from antennas.

See also the additional
Look alike drawing (JPG)
Schematics (PDF)
Top layout (PDF)
Front panel (PDF)
Part list (Excel)

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