JUMA IC-705 Bluetooth Gateway

                                     Typical setup between Icom IC-705 and a linear amplifier

Icom IC-705 does not have a physical CI-V connector. The
JUMA IC-705 gateway provides band data by using Bluetooth connection to IC-705. The output is BCD band data with open collector output and Yaesu band voltage. The DB9 male connector provides the band data. JUMA gateway can be powered with a standard USB power (micro USB) or with a 5V-15V DC (rear panel). Current draw is 120mA with 5V and 55mA with 12V.

The wireless Bluetooth connection is reliable when Icom IC-705 and JUMA gateway are located
in the same hamshack. The small size (66mm x 66mm x 28mm) JUMA gateway can also be used with other linear amplifiers and also for other applications like antenna selection etc see the DB9 connector pin order here.

    JUMA gateway front view (Click to enlarge)
                               JUMA gateway rear view (Click to enlarge)

Pairing Icom IC-705 to JUMA Gateway
- Power up JUMA Gateway and IC-705 transceiver
- Go to IC-705 Bluetooth menu. Set Bluetooth ON and Auto Connect ON.
Go to PAIRING/CONNECT and activate Device Search
- Select JUMA-IC705 Gw (Each gateway has an individual HEX-number ID)

Band data cable
- Connect a DB9 cable (female-male with all pins connected) from JUMA gateway to JUMA PA1000 BAND DATA connector.
- Select BCD band data in JUMA PA1000
- Activate AUTO BAND in JUMA PA1000 (Green AUTO led should be ON) and check the band tracking

PTT cable
- IC-705 provides a 5V compatible open collector PTT output in the tip terminal of the 3.5mm SEND jack.
- Connect a 3.5mm plug cable from IC-705 SEND jack to JUMA PA1000 PTT jack.
- A
standard audio cable can be used, both mono and stereo cables are ok.
- Check the PTT functionality.

Note1. Start JUMA Gateway before IC-705 to get Blutooth auto connection.
Note2. Set TX delay of 20ms in IC-705 to avoid hot switching in an amplifier.

The blue enclosure is transparent and you can follow the operation with the LEDs inside. See LED info here.

Update 2021-01-08 OH7SV

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