JUMA COM HUB provides a connection between your PC/Mac software, transceiver and JUMA PA1000. It will share the single serial COM port of your transceiver. PC/Mac and transceiver are seamlessly connected together while JUMA PA1000 is tracking the band by polling the transceiver frequency. JUMA COM HUB is powered by PC USB cable and you don't need a USB - RS232 converter because that is built in to JUMA COM HUB. We are using FTDI USB chipset which is compatible with Windows. The USB COM driver will be installed automatically when you plug in COM HUB to your PC. The green LED will be lit when the driver has been successfully installed and the USB port is ready to use.

JUMA COM HUB supports Kenwood, Elecraft and Juma compatible transceiver CAT protocols. Additionally you can select a transceiver independent time out based mode** for other similar applications.
The available baud rates are 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600 and 115200. The enclosure is small 65 x 65 x 30mm and the weight is only 0.07kg.

  Typical JUMA COM HUB setup: PC - Transceiver - JUMA PA1000

It is very easy to use
Select the baud rate with a jumper. Set the same baud rate to PC, TRCVR and PA1000 COM1. (No hand shaking)
2. Select the transceiver mode with the CONFIG jumper.
3. Connect a type B plug USB cable between PC and COM HUB and wait for automatic USB driver installation. Watch the green LED.
4. Connect a serial cable between transceiver and COM HUB. This is a cable illustrated
in JUMA PA1000 user manual for your transceiver.
5. Connect a standard 3.5mm stereo audio cable between JUMA PA1000 and COM HUB.

JUMA COM HUB Jumper Settings

The other LEDs (LED3, LED4, LED5, LED6, LED7, LED8) are blinking according the TXD and RXD signals for each COM port.

** Time out based mode is sending the data packets after a 50ms pause in the data stream.

JUMA PA1000 firmware must be v1.26 or newer.
Note2. Select "Hand Shaking: None" in PC/Mac application COM settings (COM HUB is not supporting
Hand Shaking).
Note3. In Elecraft K3 and Yaesu transceivers use BCD band data for PA1000 and leave the COM port for PC use. No COM HUB needed.
Note4. In ICOM transceivers the open drain CI-V bus can be connected in parallel or use Icom CT-17 COM interface. No COM HUB needed.

The price of a fully tested COM HUB is 80€. When shipping to EU countries VAT 19.20€ will be added. Pse contact

The service port is intended for R&D use. Info (i) will show the firmware version, selected configuration and the selected baud rate. In the debug mode (D) the service port will show all the data packets coming from PC, TRCVR and PA. Service port is using a fixed COM settings 115200,8,N,1,N. Here are the available service commands.
i = Info
c = Byte Counters
D = debug On
d = debug Off

Last update 2019-12-20

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