JUMA PA100 firmware programming instructions    Last update 2008-11-30

The firmware programming with a PC is very similar to the JUMA TRX2 programming.

Note the following 
preparations and differences
- Open the PA100 top cover and locate the F-sense board
- Change the two jumpers X1 and X2 on the F-sense board to position marked PROGRAM
- Follow the
JUMA TRX2 programming istruction with the following exception

When the PC software is waiting the JUMA PA100 Flash Writer to be started,
start up JUMA PA100 while keeping OPER button pressed (instead of the VFO button in TRX2)

Otherwise follow the TRX2 instructions found here
JUMA TRX2 programming instructions

When the programming is finished, changes the jumpers on the F-sense board back to the NORMAL position.