JUMA PA100 IMD measurements OH2NLT / 16.08.2012

Measurement setup
JUMA PA100D OH2NLT prototype.
Generators 2 x HP8657B
Dual tone signal combined with Mini Circuits ZX10-2-12-S+ combiner
Dual tone signal amplified for PA100 drive with OH2NLT experimental 10W amplifier
Attenuators Spinner 30dB + 10dB
Control meter R&S NAUS4
Spectrum analyzer HP8594E

Measurement results
Note that delta marker figure seen at the pictures need to be corrected with +6dB to take account second carrier.
Generators combined    third-order IMD -60dBc
Driver amp out @ 1.6W    third-order IMD -45dBc
JUMA PA100 @ 22W    third-order IMD -41dBc
JUMA PA100 @ 36W    third-order IMD -40dBc
JUMA PA100 @ 59W    third-order IMD -38.5dBc
JUMA PA100 @ 90W    third-order IMD -37dBc

R&S NAUS4 power meter
Attenuators and spectrum analyzer
Driver amp and JUMA PA100D under test