JUMA PA1000 Enclosure Opening Instructions 2017-02-11

Normally do not open the enclosure of JUMA PA1000, especially in the warranty period.

Here are the instructions in case you need to open the top cover.
Do not open the bottom cover because there are interconnections cables to the power supply.

1. Switch OFF the amplifier and disconnect the mains cable and wait at least one minute!

2. Opening top cover
  • Loosen the two carry handle screws but do not fully remove these screws (use a bigger screw driver)
  • Remove four top cover screws located on the sides
  • Take off the top cover
3. Replacing top cover
  • Insert top cover. Note the notches for the handle screws on the right side of the cover
  • Pre-tighten top cover screws and align top cover to the bottom cover. The nuts are sliding in the aluminum side parts. After aligning tighten the screws strictly
  • Align the carry handle end parts and tighten the two screws very strictly (use a bigger screw driver)
Note. Do not use the amplifier without covers!

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