JUMA PA1000 Firmware Programming     Update 2018-07-31

JUMA PA1000 firmware is easy to update. The latest firmware is available in this page. It is a HEX file with a version identification number (e.g. JUMA-PA1000-v1.06.hex). You can check your current firmware version in your JUMA PA1000 LCD display during start-up.

All you need is the bootloader client for Windows and a RS232 programming cable. The cable is connected to a RS232 port of your PC or you can plug a RS232-USB adapter directly to PA1000 D9 connector. We recommend
FTDI compatible RS232-USB adapter for compatibility.

For the first time use you need to install the
bootloader client for Windows (Ingenia dsPIC Bootloader V1.1)
Download and install ingenia dsPIC bootloader GUI V1.1
NOTE1. After installing the bootloader client, you must replace the original xml-file (ibl_dspiclist.xml) with this file ibl_dspiclist.xml Click mouse right button to save it. The xml file is typically located in hard disk folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Ingenia\ingeniadsPICbootloader.
If you get this Error code:-5 you have not properly replaced the xml file.
With newer versions of Windows you may need to run the bootloader client in XP SP3 compatibility with administrative rights.
NOTE3. You may also need these DLL files. Download and save if needed to the program folder
msvcr71.dll | msvcp71.dll | MFC71.dll

Quick guide for JUMA PA1000 firmware programming
1.    Download the latest HEX file to your hard disk (Use mouse right key to save)
2.    Connect the programming RS232 cable or RS232-USB adapter
3.    Run the Windows bootloader client (Ingenia dsPIC Bootloader)
4.    Check bootloader client COM configuration and click “configuration done”

5.    Start-up JUMA PA1000 while keeping the PAGE button pushed
6.    Open the downloaded HEX file into the bootloader client

7.    Click the “start write” button (the PA1000 AUTO LED is blinking when write is in progress)
8.    When you see “Write completed” restart JUMA PA1000

JUMA PA1000 firmware HEX files. Click mouse right button to save the hex file.
V1.06 JUMA-PA1000-v1.06.hex
Iinitial version.
V1.09 JUMA-PA1000-v1.09.hex
Improved SWR reading.
V1.10 JUMA-PA1000-v1.10.hex
Added Kenwood TS2000 compatible serial band data protocol.
V1.12 JUMA-PA1000-v1.12.hex
Added Remote protocol on COM2. You need to set COM2 to Remote in Service page.
PSU Noise Shift changed to
PA Voltage Select.
V1.13 JUMA-PA1000-v1.13.hex
Added PA Voltage Control and absolute OPER/STBY commands to the Remote protocol.
V1.14 JUMA-PA1000-v1.14.hex
Bug fix for band data handling when JUMA PA1000 "Radio Poll" is disabled.
V1.16 JUMA-PA1000-v1.16.hex
Update for safer change to manual band selection.
V1.17 JUMA-PA1000-v1.17.hex
Added STBY forcing as default when band has changed. See Service Pages in user manual.
V1.19 JUMA-PA1000-v1.19.hex
Improved CI-V band data handling and time out control. Fans will completely shut down when MOSFET has cooled down to 30ºC with all FAN MAX RPM settings.
V1.23 JUMA-PA1000-v1.23.hex
Wrong band protection added. The RF output peak power of min 200W is checked when the avg drain current exceeds 12A. PA1000 will got to STBY state and the LCD will indicate OVERLOAD PROTECT. The Windows remote application will show all REV PWR leds lit.
V1.25 JUMA-PA1000-v1.25.hex
Kenwood and Elecraft protocol modified to support the JUMA COM HUB.
Wrong band protection power threshold changed to 150W to avoid redundant protections.

V1.26 JUMA-PA1000-v1.26.hex
Improved interference immunity in Kenwood and Elecraft serial band data communication.
V1.27 JUMA-PA1000-v1.27hex
Wrong Band protection fine tuned to avoid redundant protections.
Remote firmware programming feature implemented.

V1.28 JUMA-PA1000-v1.28hex
Protection "black box" logging implemented.This feature will log the latest 10 protection events to the non-volatile memory for service purposes.
V1.29 JUMA-PA1000-v1.29hex
Overload Protection fine tuned on 50MHz to avoid redundant protections.

Cable for JUMA PA1000 firmware programming

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