The ZIP file includes the source code and the hex file for promming

Version 2.01 (latest version for PIC16F819 processor) 16.08.2005


Other SW versions

Version 3.03 Dual VFO for PIC16F88 processor 08.10.2005
VFO A is in use when PIC16F88 pin #4 is high, this is the default (pull up resistor). VFO B is in use when pin #4 is grounded. The active VFO is indicated by two different decimal separators in frequency display. Dots means VFO A and commas means VFO B. Both of the VFOs can be set independently to a desired frequency in JUMA-RX1 range. Save function will save the frequency and the step value of both VFOs. A switch which will ground the pin #4 is needed for VFO selection see example. It is recommended to change the R21, 1k resistor (pin 4 - VCC) to 10k. There is no problem with the the 1k resistor, it just consumes 5 mA more current when VFO is in use. See another picture of dual VFO connection.

Version 2.01_88 (Experimental version for PIC16F88 processor) 28.08.2005
This is a beta test version v2.01 for PIC16F88 processor. It has more program memory (Flash) but the code is not exactly compatible with the PIC16F819. The version has one additional feature, there are now four frequency steps 10Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz and 100kHz. Please check your prommer compatibility with this processor. We had to make an adapter for ICD2.