The tools needed to assemble JUMA TRX2 Last update 2007-08-23

A temperature controlled anti-static soldering iron or soldering station with a small to medium tip.

Small to medium diameter (0.2...0.5 mm) solder wire with "no clean" type flux. Lead free solder wire is also ok but it is not so easy than the convetional wire.
Small straight or curved tweezers for SMD assembly
Solder wick (e.g. width 1.5...3mm) for removing possible tin short circuits solder paths between pads and component legs..

Simple loop or forehead loop to see the details during soldering the SMD components

Small side cutter and small pliers

Small size (tip 1.0...1.5 mm) slot screwdriver, medium size Phillips screwdriver and medium size adjustable wrench

Digital multimeter with at least voltage, current and resistance ranges. Capacitance measuring is a "nice to have" feature.

Matti Hohtola OH7SV last update 2007-08-11