JUMA TRX2 all band PA part list A revisions

Part list Revision A4
Date of the change: 2014-12-13
Changes: Added C2 (100n) and R5 (10R)
Purpose: RF gain increase to avoid OPAMP overload in main board.

Part list Revision A3
Date of the change: 2009-01-16
Changes: Fuse F1 changed from 2.5A to 3.5A
Purpose: To avoid occassional fuse blow

Part list Revision A2
Date of the change: 2008-03-10
Changes: R4, R19, R20, R21, R22, L5, L6 values changed
Purpose: Driver efficiency improvement
This modification is recommended for long key down operations e.g. in digi modes.

Original part list Revision A