JUMA Tuner Module is a
simple and low loss antenna tuner module. There are five different models each optimized for three bands. Each tuner module is an affordable solution for your antenna matching problems. It can be used from QRP to legal QRO power level. The tuning is simply made by inserting jumpers to the pin headers.

JUMA Tuner Module topologies


Swapped L-tuner


JUMA Tuner module supports three tuner
topologies. L-tuner and swapped L-tuner provides the best efficiency, Pi-tuner is not normally needed.

See the tuning ranges

Easy to use
Just insert the binary weighted
capacitor jumpers to the left or right depending on your antenna impedance and adjust the inductance and capacitance step by step like in any antenna tuner. Use low power or an antenna analyzer for tuning to get the desired SWR.
- Five optimized models: TM-160, TM-80, TM-40, TM-20 and TM-10
- WARC bands and
also 60 meter band supported
Optimized toroidal core for each band for high efficiency
- Useful from QRP to legal QRO power level
- 19 inductor values by means of two jumpers
- 32 capacitors values
by 5 binary weighted jumpers
- Matching range up to SWR 1:4

- Bypass switch for easy direct antenna use
- Easy to build
- No power supply needed
- PCB compatible with BNC, UHF and type N connectors
- Four fixing holes for assembly (no enclosure included)
- Small size L = 100 mm, H = 93 mm

Application information
JUMA Tuner Modules are designed to match antennas with moderate SWR.
It is not intended for random length long wires.
2. On lower bands the antenna bandwidth is typically quite narrow. If you have tuned your antenna for SSB frequencies you can simply switch ON JUMA Tuner Module for CW frequencies or the other way around.
3. If you are using a multi band antenna you may have one or more bands with a non acceptable SWR. Just switch on a JUMA tuner module on those bands.