JUMA Tuner Module construction instruction (Click to enlarge the pictures)

1. Start the construction by winding the coil. Wind 18 turns of copper wire to the toroidal core.

2. Insert the wounded coil to the PCB slot by aligning the wires to the thru plated half holes.

3. Turn the board around and check the wire alignment again to the thru plated half holes.

4. When all are aligned, solder the wires by using a lot of heat.

5. Take up the pin headers (2x19) for inductor jumpers and (2x17) for capacitor jumpers.

6. Pull out the unused pins. Follow the PCB holes as a reference which pins to pull out.

7. Pin headers prepared for installation.

8. Solder the modified pin headers as shown.

9. Install the capacitors, bypass switch and the coaxial connectors
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Update 2016-03-24