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Building information

All the building information is located in Juma Home site
Go to the kit technical page and follow the partlist order and component layout picture during the soldering of the parts. See also other information like schematics, construction pictures and other documents found in the technical page.

Don't worry if you have not soldered surface mount components before. It is practically easier than thru hole components when you get used to SMD. We are sure that you like the experience.

Go slow and be very systematic by marking everything what you have soldered. A good practice is to print a partlist and layout picture and make notes after each soldered component. Use only reasonably amount of solder but enough heat during soldering, components can stand lot of heat. Recheck the right component, orientation and soldering quality by using a magnifying glass, loop or a microscope.

If you are not able to build a kit, Juma Community hams will help you. Click the list of JUMA Community hams who are willing to build a JUMA for you.

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