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Ferrite Bead 700790 (2 pcs)

Ferrite Bead 700790 (2 pcs)

Product Information

This ferrite bead is a low loss ferrite core for 1:1 common mode baluns. It can be used from QRP to QRO level in any antenna feeding point as well as an additional choke in the feeding line.

Dimensions: Lenght 28.5 mm, outer diameter 26.0 mm, inner diameter 13.0 mm
Permebility ui 380, Curie point 186°C, AL value 1.6uH/1 turn

Recemmended common mode balun impedance is 1000 ohms or more. This means the following minumum turns on these frequencies.
1.8 MHz two baluns in series 6 turns each
3.5 MHz 6 turns
7.0 MHz 4 turns
14 MHz-28 MHz 3 turns
50 MHz-144 MHz 2 turns

Use a PTFE coaxial cable eg RG-316 for the windings.
Note. When the cable is put thru the ferrite it means one turn each.

See one application here

The price is for a pair (2 pcs)

Price: 8.00€

Product Code: Ferrite Bead 700790 (2 pcs)
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