JUMA TRX2 all band PA schematics

Shematics Revision B
Includes all the modifications of Rev A4

Schematics Revision A4
Date of the change: 2014-12-13
Changes: Add C2 (100n) and R5 (10R) to the unused pads on the All Band PA board.


Purpose: To avoid possible splatter caused by overloading the AF GAIN BLOCK amplifier A9 on the main board.
This modification increases the RF gain of PA board and decreases the AF gain of A9 on the Main Board
thus providing more headroom for the OPAMP A9.
Important. After this modification reduce the SSB gain (R26) and the CAR gain (R28) on the main board for 10W RF output.

Schematics Revision A3
Date of the change: 2009-01-16
Changes: Fuse F1 changed from 2.5A to 3.5A
Purpose: To avoid occassional fuse blow

Schematics Revision A2
Date of the change: 2008-03-10
Changes: R4, R19, R20, R21, R22, L5, L6 values changed
Purpose: Driver efficiency improvement
This modification is recommended for long key down operations e.g. in digi modes.

Original schematics Revision A