JUMA PA1000 front look (Click picture to enlarge)

JUMA PA1000 is a very light weight solid state 1 kW linear amplifier for HF and 6 meter bands. JUMA PA1000 is using a most modern LDMOS transistor in the RF amplifier. The RF matching is based on novel design which provides very good efficiency. The power supply is also latest technology, a light
weight resonance power supply.

JUMA PA1000 accepts band data from popular transceivers. It supports parallel BCD, serial band data and analog band voltage. The band can be selected also manually.

JUMA PA1000 is fully protected against excessive SWR, over current and over temperature. It withstands wrong band antennas, open or short circuit in the RF output and accidental impedance transients.

The SWR protection is based on reverse RF power coming back from antenna. Thus if your antenna SWR is too high you can continue working by lowering the power.

Simple user interface
JUMA PA1000 is easy to use. There are only necessary push buttons in the front panel. LCD indicates the essential information, LED bar shows the output power and reverse power. OPER, AUTO band and protection are indicated by their own LEDs. Rear panel has a mains connector, TRX connector, ANT connector, PTT input and band data inputs. Firmware update is easy with built in bootloader and a PC.
JUMA PA1000 rear look (Click picture to enlarge)

- Nominal output power 1000 W PEP (SSB and CW)
- All HF bands including WARC bands and 6 meter
- Input power: Adjustable gain for 5 W...25 W drive
Mains voltage 230VAC, or a switchable 115/230VAC option (+100€)
- LCD display for band, gain, SWR, voltage, current and temperature
- LED bar display for forward and reverse RF power
- SWR, over current and over temperature protection
- Temperature controlled proportional fan speed
- Auto band or manual band selection
- Band data formats: BCD, RS232, C-IV and analog band voltage
- Converts serial band data input to BCD band data output
Remote support with the free Windows application
- Small size: W x H x D 261 x 135 x 300 mm
- Very light weight: 5.5 kg

How to order
Fully constructed and tested JUMA PA1000 amplifier can be ordered by email. The lead time is typically less than one month.
The price is 2300€ + handling & shipping. 100€ extra for 115/230VAC option. When selling to EU countries the 24% VAT will be added.
You can make a non-binding order without deposit
. We will inform you the total price and the lead time. When we have a fully tested JUMA PA1000 for you we will contact you for the order confirmation. Then you can accept or cancel your order. If you want to make a non-binding order without deposit please send your order to
User Manual Version 1.37

Remote guide and Windows application download
Firmware updates

Addtional information

JUMA® is a registered trademark of Juha Niinikoski OH2NLT and Matti Hohtola OH7SV. Copyright jumaradio.com

Update 2017-09-04